30 Mates Cycle Beach To Nsw Border For Muscular Dystrophy

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26th October 2009, 06:07pm - Views: 1103

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For Immediate Release

26 October 2009


The inaugural Beach2Border, a 225km bike ride from Port Melbourne to Echuca, will test the

strengths of 30 Victorian friends aged between 14 and 52, when they aim to complete it in 12

hours on October 30, 2009. The one-day event will include the physical challenge as well as

aiming to raise more than$20,000, to assist in muscular dystrophy research.

The riders participating in Beach2Border have a simple motto - “We aim to raise awareness of

this devastating, progressive muscle-destroying disorder – muscular dystrophy. But more

importantly to instill hope, and that hope comes in the form of research, and most importantly,

money for research”

According to Craig Le Sueur, one of the riders and organisers of Beach2Border said close friends

Brett and Katrina have a 7 year old son Ben, who is in the early stages of Duchenne Muscular

Dystrophy. There is an opportunity to make a difference to Ben’s life through the Beach2Border

Cycling Challenge.  

“The possibility of finding a cure at some stage over the next 5 years will make all the difference

for many boys like Ben. This disorder not only affects the young boys diagnosed, but the families

and friends around them. I have three young girls of my own. Each day my girls smiling faces

remind me of how precious life is. Boys like Ben deserve a cure. Every dollar helps.” he said.

This group of social riders is thrilled with the challenge of riding from beach to border, with

many riding in honour of Ben, who loves to ride his bike, but inevitably will be confined to a

wheelchair by the time he is 12.

All proceeds from Beach2Border will be donated to the National Muscular Dystrophy Research

Centre (NMDRC) in Parkville, Victoria to further research muscular dystrophy. 

Making their way from Station Pier in Port Melbourne at 6am, the team will ride through

Melbourne to the Hume Highway, before stopping in Hudson Park, Kilmore for morning tea.

Lunch will be between 12 and 1pm in Heathcote at Gaffney’s Bakery and an afternoon stop at the

Lions Park in Rochester at 4pm. The riders will ride through Echuca, over the NSW border into

Moama by 6pm to meet up with supporters and kids affected by muscular dystrophy.

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Beach2Border is an event held under the ChallengeMD! banner for the Muscular Dystrophy

Association (MDA). Previous bike rides to Vietnam, Cambodia and China have raised $1 million

for muscular dystrophy. Several riders from Beach2Border have participated in past Challenges

including Tour Duchenne, a Sydney to Melbourne bike ride which raised $750,000 in March


About Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy is a muscle destroying disorder that affects one in every 1,000 Australian

men, women and children. Duchenne MD confines boys as young as 8 to wheelchairs and

drastically reduces their lifespan. To date there is no cure.


For more information regarding the event, or to arrange photo opportunities and interviews,


Lyndsey Doherty

Publicist – Muscular Dystrophy Association

03 9320 9555



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