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3rd November 2010, 06:29pm - Views: 1996
Family Relationship Services Australia Annual conference 3-5 November 2010, Melbourne

'Diversity: everyone benefits'

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Family Relationship Services Australia are holding their annual conference in Melbourne this week with the theme: 'DIVERSITY: Everyone Benefits'. The conference is focusing on the current work in the family support and family law sectors and their response to the diversity of Australian families.

Key presentations at the event include:

Diamonds in the Difference: the value in working together. By David Roberts, Relationships Australia NSW and Marilyn Scott, University of Technology Sydney

This workshop focuses on the benefits of social scientists, family lawyers and financial advisors working together to resolve parenting and financial matters within family disputes. The workshop is presenting some new research on a world first pilot program undertaken by Relationships Australia.

David Roberts, the manager for the pilot said: "This cutting-edge investigation is rich in its findings and will help shed new light on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice as well as having significant benefits for both family support professionals and families engaged in the process of separation."

Media interviews with David Roberts can be arranged by Relationships Australia NSW.

Working with families in conflict: let's cut to the chase. By Bill Hewlett, Relationships Australia NSW

This paper is focusing on the dispute resolution skills required to bring about a change of heart when working with separated parents. There is a need to work on a deeper emotional level than to simply facilitate an agreement.

"A process which actively steers parents in conflict away from the diminishing effects of angry thought, and pays attention to their emotional states, is more likely to result in the clients being happier with the outcome. It does so because it has attended to what they needed, rather than what they thought they wanted. A change of heart, leads to a change of thinking and long term genuine improvement in the quality of children's lives," Bill Hewlett said.

Media interviews with Bill Hewlett can be arranged by Relationships Australia NSW.

"We needed more than a new set of tyres": A Whole of Family Approach to Family Safety Programs the challenges and positive outcomes. By Irene Gaffney, Relationships Australia NSW

This interactive session is focused on the whole of family approach to Family Safety Programs delivered by Relationships Australia NSW.

"We've delivered Family and Domestic Violence programs for more than 20 years for men, women and children. This session identifies best practice approaches, specific training needs for the people working in this area, resources that are appropriate for this group and sound support and supervision structures to maintain quality work in this field. It requires more than "a new set of tyres" for families," Irene Gaffney said.

Media interviews with Irene Gaffney can be arranged by Relationships Australia NSW.

Launch of the US Kit by Relationships Australia NSW The US Kit is an early intervention tool for families and those that support them. The Kit includes six activities that create opportunities for families to safely share thoughts and feelings, show that they care, talk about the hard things and solve problems together. The tools in the Kit provide strategies to connect families in a positive way - we call it our 'little bag of hope'.

"We know that families that practice good communication and problem solving skills in the good times are often better equipped to manage difficulties when they arise. And it's important they continue to practice these good habits, especially when a change has occurred. The US Kit will help them do so," Anne Hollonds, Psychologist and Relationships Australia NSW CEO said.

Media interviews with Anne Hollonds can be arranged by Relationships Australia NSW.


Media contact: Anne Hollonds, Relationships Australia NSW CEO on 0411 382 692 Monique Hauber-Davidson, Relationships Australia NSW Communications Director on 0404 839 664

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SOURCE: Relationships Australia

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