Heritage's Communitys@ver Account: Fundraising For The Seeing Eye Dogs Made Easy

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16th December 2009, 03:51pm - Views: 751

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Wednesday 15 December, 2009

Media Release

Heritage’s communitys@ver account: fundraising for the Seeing Eye

Dogs made easy


Heritage’s communitys@ver account is making fundraising as simple as opening a

bank account…

It’s not always easy giving money to where it’s needed most, especially during the festive

season when spending can exceed budgets.  But with the help of a Heritage

communitys@ver account, members can fundraise effortlessly at any time of the year.  

An on-line savings account, the Heritage communitys@ver comes with a difference: the

community group you nominate gets paid a community grant calculated off the money you

and your fellow supporters accumulate in your communitys@ver account.  

Heritage has more than 160 registered community groups benefitting from its

communitys@ver account including sporting clubs, schools and not-for-profit organisations,

but the most successful fundraising organisation by far has been Seeing Eye Dogs


Now merged with Vision Australia, Seeing Eye Dogs Queensland is a primary support

network for Queenslanders who are blind or who have low vision, enhancing their mobility

and independence by providing Seeing Eye Dogs, free of charge.

Each Seeing Eye Dog requires two years of training to graduate, costing $30 000 per pup.  

Because of their phenomenal effort, the not-for-profit organisation requires consistent

community assistance to continue providing their services.


Last quarter Seeing Eye Dogs Queensland earned more than $850 from the balances of

members’ communitys@ver accounts, with the potential to earn even more this quarter

ending in December 2010.

Heritage Head of Third Party Channels Mr David Ure said that Heritage’s communitys@ver

initiative is part of the People first approach it stands by.

“As a mutual building society, Heritage finds ways to give back to the communities it

operates in through sponsorships, community grants and initiatives like the


“This account is unique because it essentially lets members fundraise off their hard-earned

savings without lifting a finger.” 

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Heritage’s communitys@ver account: fundraising for the Seeing Eye Dogs made easy continued…

Heritage sustains a long-standing affiliation with Seeing Eye Dogs Queensland through a

range of initiatives, including sponsoring their own Seeing Eye Dog pup Harvey through the

organisation’s puppy sponsorship program.

Harvey is the Society’s second sponsored Seeing Eye Dog after Jada, who was

successfully matched with an owner earlier in 2009.  

Heritage’s sponsorship contributes to training Harvey into a fully functional Seeing Eye Dog

that will one day be matched with an owner.

David added, ”At Heritage we are proud to say that we offer a level of community support

that far exceeds our larger banking competitors despite our smaller mutual structure.

“Our People first approach which also includes lower fees and charges, higher deposit rates

and a more personalised service approach as compared to the major banks is the driving

force for more and more people switching to the mutual movement.”   

Image caption: Seeing Eye Dogs require two years of training to graduate, costing $30 000

per pup


For more information please contact:

Klara Vida

Public Relations Officer


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