41 Degree Scorcher Sets Stage For Toddler Drowings

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10th January 2010, 10:47pm - Views: 888

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January 11th 2009            

               41 Degree Scorcher Sets Stage for Toddler Drowning  

Kidsafe Victoria has called for increased parental awareness around the water today, with the

temperatures expected to hit a scorching 41 degrees. 

The peak body in child accident prevention has also raised the need for parental awareness of

children travelling in hot cars, where the heat can have deadly consequences.   

Dr Mark Stokes, President of Kidsafe Victoria said that in the past year, almost 60% of children under

five who drowned lost their lives in backyard swimming pools.

“The warning also extends to the beach and public swimming pools where children can easily

disappear amongst a crowd of swimmers. Parents need to maintain vigilant supervision at all times and

not rely on lifeguards to watch their children.” 

Kidsafe Victoria, who spearheaded the introduction of compulsory pool fencing in Victoria a decade

ago, believes there is a need to renew and increase awareness of pool owner’s responsibilities.

"It is vital pool owners check and maintain pool fences all year round to protect children from drowning

in swimming pools.”

Dr Stokes said the main issue is that parents should ensure children are supervised whilst using any

swimming pool or wading pool as young children can sink and drown quickly in a few seconds. 

“For every young child who drowns, another three or four will be admitted to hospital after a near-

drowning incident – some of these children will suffer permanent brain damage. There have already been

too many incidents this summer, let’s work together to make sure there are no more and our children are


Kidsafe Advice for Swimming Pools 

Check the safety barrier regularly - Your fence or barrier needs to be checked regularly to

ensure that all gates, doors and windows with locking properly. Also check and remove any

climbing devices nearby. 

Always supervise young children in and around water - Keep your eyes on young children

at all times. Young children drown quickly and silently – even in as little as a few centimetres of


Always empty wading pools after each use and store upright.

Place a cover or mesh over backyard ponds and make sure water stored in buckets or

wheelie bins is emptied.   

Media Enquiries: Dr Mark Stokes President Kidsafe National Mobile; 0408 038 267 

                              Ron Smith Corporate Media Communications Kidsafe Mobile 0417 329 201

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