Changing Of The Guard At Children's Charity

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27th January 2010, 05:16pm - Views: 943

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27 January 2010

For immediate release


Changing of the guard at Children’s Charity

There has been a changing of the guard at the National Association for the Prevention of Child

Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) with the appointment of a new Chairman and a CEO.

Olya Booyar has taken on the Chairmanship following the November 2009 AGM and Rosanna

Martinello will take on the role of CEO at the end of January.

Ms Booyar said the Board was fortunate to find someone of Rosanna Martinello’s skills,

commitment and experience. ‘We face very challenging times,’ she said. ‘Rosanna is the right

person for these times.’

Ms Martinello has experience in both the social economy and business world. Her most recent

employment was as CEO of Osteoporosis Australia, prior to which she was a senior executive

at CSR Limited. Rosanna has been actively involved with a number of charities including Youth

off the Streets. She was a non-executive Director of a NSW Area Health Service, has served on

several national cancer advisory committees and is the founding member of the Young Breast

Cancer Action Group NSW.  

Ms Martinello said of her appointment, ‘I am delighted to join NAPCAN.  NAPCAN, Australia’s

leading advocate for the prevention of child abuse and neglect, is at the forefront of changing

the way our community addresses the issue. With another 30,000 individual Australian children

found to have been abused or neglected last year alone, more needs to be done. I look forward

to leading the organisation and, together with NAPCAN’s dedicated Board, staff, stakeholders

and broader community, help prevent child abuse before it starts.’

Olya Booyar has been an active member of the NAPCAN board for five years.  She has a range

of experience from her work as an executive with SBS, her current role of Deputy Director of the

Classification Board and numerous voluntary roles in public life.  

Ms Booyar commented, ‘It is a great honour to be appointed Chairman of the NAPCAN Board. 

NAPCAN is going from strength to strength and the board has a range of ideas to encourage

the organisation to grow this vital work.  I am looking forward to working with Rosanna to create

the changes we would like to see in the organisation and, more importantly, help to prevent

child abuse.’


For further information please contact:

Catherine Baker, NAPCAN Queensland State Manager tel: 07 3846 1888 or 0432 105 415.   1/2

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Changing of the guard at Children’s Charity

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Notes to the editor:

NAPCAN (National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is Australia’s leading

advocate for the prevention of child abuse and neglect.  NAPCAN’s goal is to bring about the changes

necessary in individual and community behaviour and in government policy to stop abuse and neglect

before it starts.

NAPCAN also works directly with children and young people conducting innovative programs to

strengthen protective behaviours and build resilience and life skills. NAPCAN also assists ‘at risk’ parents

through face-to-face programs and works in local communities building inclusive networks and

strengthening local support of children and families.

A charity, NAPCAN is governed by a national board with the support of professional sub-committees and

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