Coag Proposed Reforms To Hurt Queensland Families

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8th December 2009, 12:56am - Views: 941

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7 December 2009

Today’s COAG decision will cause Queensland Families financial hardship as the changes to

operations flow on to families in their weekly childcare fees.

“It is evident that COAG did not heed the voice of Queensland families when this decision was

made” said Gwynn Bridge, President of Childcare Queensland.  “The government consults but

does not listen”.

While Queensland is currently operating under the 1:4 ratio for babies, services currently have

the option to provide care for this age group from 0 months to 15 months at the 1:4 ratio and

15 months – 2.5 years at a 1:5 ratio. This second baby group will not be permitted to operate

after 2012.  

Queensland families and service operators believe that this, combined with our small group

sizes, provides a higher quality than that proposed by COAG.  The result of this will be that two

places will be lost to families in this age group.  Across Queensland lost places will amount to

approximately 1,000 in this age of most demand. 

Overall it is anticipated that an average of 6 licensed places will be lost from most long day

care services; a total of 8,400 places in Queensland will not be available for families to access. 

This in turn will cause fees to increase substantially.

Combine this increase with award increases, additional staff and Childcare Queensland

estimates that families will be forced to pay an additional $13 – 22 per day.

If the Federal Government continues to listen to academics and not practitioners and families,

they must ensure funding is increased so that children will not be the losers. 

Childcare Queensland is the largest state association of long day care centres in Australia,

representing over 850 members.


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