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27th January 2010, 06:53pm - Views: 753

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Media Enquiries:

ACT & QLD – Gwynn Bridge - 0418 764 779

VIC – Lucian Roncon - 0419 004 800

NSW – Lyn Connolly - 0425 225 275

SA – Barbara Langford - 0417 874 391

WA – Roslyn Thompson - 0407 652 177

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Childcare Alliance Australia

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Attention Chiefs of Staff and Producers

Childcare Alliance Australia (CAA) speaks out on

Australia’s first long term study of the effects on

children in formal child care

CAA - which represents 70% of all long day child care centres in Australia

and whose staff care for more than 330,000 children - today welcomed the

Government-funded Social Research Paper as the first study of its kind in


Ms Gwynn Bridge, representing the national private child care sector

industry body, is available today for interviews. Ms Bridge says:

“This is an important area that has been under researched in the past. This

report demonstrates excellent outcomes for children as well as some concerns.”

“The report shows children who attended an early childhood program had better

language skills and greater gains in language and cognitive outcomes than

those who did not.”

“The report underscores our concerns about disadvantaged children and their

families not having equitable and affordable access to quality early learning


“This report supports the case for all parents, regardless of where they live, to

be assured that their children will not be priced out of quality child care”

Ms Bridge who is also the CEO of Childcare Queensland can be contacted today on: 0418 764779. The contact

details for other state representatives are listed below.

Alternatively, you can contact Ms Jannette Cotterell. Executive Director. Executive Counsel Australia 02 61 92 3279 or 0419

204 059

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