Government Takes Big Steps In Childcare Says Industry

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8th July 2009, 06:52pm - Views: 795
Government Takes Big Steps in Childcare Says Industry

LHMU - the childcare union and Australia's leading childcare service providers across Australia congratulate the Rudd government for taking such BIG STEPS in childcare.

After years of arguing for a cohesive, national policy on the provision of childcare services, stakeholders across the sector welcome COAG's announcement that Australia would finally have a national childhood strategy:

Some of Australia's strongest childcare advocates, operators and professional development providers from Western Australia, Queensland, NSW, Northern Territory and Tasmania have joined with the LHMU to welcome this bold initiative. This signals very clearly that Australian governments' accept that every child has a right to quality care in a learning environment.

Three of the proposals being put forward have the potential to drive great outcomes for children, childcare professionals, families and the broader community. These are: better childcare ratios in most age groups, a minimum Certificate III qualification for all childcare workers, and; a degree qualified teacher in the majority of centres.

Our initial response to the details released so far is very positive. Of course, the devil may be in the detail. That's why, as key stakeholders, we are keen to work with government to ensure that standards are raised across the country.

Childcare professionals and operators recognise the importance of upskilling and have campaigned on this before and since the November 2007 federal election. It is a critical for the sustainability and stability of our sector.

The national standards will ensure families can expect the same baseline of quality education and care no matter which state they live in. This is an outcome that benefits the entire community.

We, the undersigned, want to take the opportunity to congratulate the federal government and look forward to working with both state and federal agencies to improve this vital sector of our community.

LHMU - the childcare union
McArthur Early Childhood Education
CHILD Australia
C&K Pre-schooling Professionals

For further information please contact LHMU:
Bronwyn Ridgway mobile 0419 721 704

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