Kidsafe Warns Over Toddler Wheelie Bin Near Drowning

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7th January 2010, 10:44pm - Views: 901

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Kidsafe Media Release 

Red Alert Over Near Toddler Drowning In Wheelie Bin

Friday 8 January  2010 

As Victoria heads towards 36 degrees today Kidsafe Victoria has released a

statewide RED ALERT to parents over the high level of drowning risk to toddlers in

homes storing water in buckets or wheelie bins.

The warning comes following a near drowning of a four year old boy who yesterday fell head

first into a wheelie bin in the suburb of Fawkner north of Melbourne. 

The boy was turning purple when he was found face down in the wheelie bin just after 1pm .The bin

had enough water in it to submerge the boy's head. 

Dr Mark Stokes, President of Kidsafe Victoria said, ”With governments and water authorities all

over Victoria urging the community to collect water in buckets from the shower or in wheelie

bins parents need to be alert to the drowning dangers of storing water”. 

“There are millions of buckets of water being stored in homes every day in Victoria with each

bucket representing a potential drowning situation or near drowning which can leave children

with severe brain damage”. 

“Many parents are unaware of the risk with the main focus being on saving water.” 

Dr Stokes said that with the ongoing water restrictions in Melbourne people are finding all sorts

of ways to store and move water including buckets and wheelie bins which are particularly

dangerous when filled with water. 

“If a child climbed and fell into a wheelie bin head first the shape of the bin and its

depth would mean the child’s body would remain head down as happened today”.

“With people wanting to collect water over sized buckets such as nappy buckets has become

popular, and without a lid these buckets are a major risk.” 

Kidsafe Victoria is urging parents across Victoria to immediately assess how they are storing

water, and to remove drowning hazards such as buckets of water. 

“Isolate the buckets of water from your children or empty buckets immediately to

protect children is our clear and simple life saving message.”  “Parents who are visiting

with toddlers should also carry out a check to see if any buckets of water are stored in the

home they are visiting,” Dr Stokes said. 

Media Enquiries Dr Mark Stokes President Kidsafe Victoria Mobile: 0408 038 267

                          Robert Caulfield Vice President Kidsafe 0412 381 306 

                          Ron Smith Corporate Media Communications 0417 329 201

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