New Cake Protector Prevents Kids Being At Risk Of Swine Flu And Airborne Germs

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9th February 2010, 05:24pm - Views: 2995


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New Cake Protector Prevents Kids Being at Risk of Swine Flu and Other

Airborne Germs

Sydney father of two, Edo Rutstein has come up with a new idea to protect kids and families

from infections that result from kids sneezing and dribbling on birthday cakes at party time.

The Slobber Stopper is a unique new product with a conscience- Edo Rutstein, the inventor

of The Slobber Stopper, believes so strongly in his quest to prevent the spread of infectious

diseases that a percentage of every sale of The Slobber Stopper will be donated to the

Sydney Children’s Hospital. This innovative device is a reusable food grade plastic cake-

cover that protects children by preventing the spread of germs. 

The Slobber Stopper acts as a transparent barrier to keep the cake hygienically clean while

still allowing all the birthday fun of blowing out the candles. So, while children continue to

enjoy the fun of a birthday cake, parents, by simply using The Slobber Stopper, no longer

need to worry about the spreading of germs and infectious diseases. As Edo says, “the

parents think it’s a great idea but the real beauty is that kids can slobber, spit and dribble as

much as they like and the birthday cake will be fine so that you and your kids won’t have as

much chance of getting sick the next day.”

When buying The Slobber Stopper, you’ll not only be helping your family and friends stay

protected against illness and airborne diseases, you’ll also be supporting a good cause too.

A percentage of all sales of The Slobber Stopper will help to support the Sydney Children’s

Hospital. “The Sydney Children’s Hospital relies heavily on community involvement to help

raise awareness and much needed funds for the Hospital. We are grateful for Slobber

Stopper’s fundraising efforts to help our Hospital,” said Adam Check, Chief Executive of the

Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The Slobber Stopper is available in 3 sizes that can be used and re-used to cover cakes to

the dimensions below:

LARGE: 34cm x 34cm x 12cm [high] OR 13.4in x 13.4 in x 4.7in [high] $7.99

MEDIUM: 29cm x 29cm x 12cm [high] OR 11.4in x 11.4in x 4.7in [high] $6.99

SMALL: 24cm x 24cm x 12cm [high] OR 9.4in x 9.4in x 4.7in [high] $5.99

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