Response To Anti Poverty Week & Salvation Army Child Poverty Research

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18th October 2010, 04:22pm - Views: 1711
Anti-Poverty Week
Response to The Salvation Army's Perception of Poverty research

Wendy Field, Executive Director of Participation at The Smith Family responds to The Salvation Army's research 'Perception of Poverty' and says that education is key to break the cycle of disadvantage for Australian children and their families.

"The reality is that one in seven Australian children is growing up in a home where no resident parent is employed.[1] For these children and their families, poverty as a notion is complex, pervasive and dynamic. Poverty is often one just one element of disadvantage impacting on their lives as they often have low levels of access to supportive networks, impoverished learning environments and face social isolation. Without support, the disadvantage they experience today is likely to continue into adulthood - and on to the next generation.

The Smith Family has been working in this area for over 10 years and our research has shown, that educating children and equipping them with the skills and capacity to participate fully in society is critical to break the cycle of disadvantage.

The Smith Family supports Australian and their children through our evidence-based literacy and mentoring programs. This support spans a child's life from birth through to adult learning, and our support is particularly focused on the vulnerable transition points in their development, to help them build the determination, resilience and aspirations they need to achieve better futures for themselves.

In the last year our programs reached more than 126,000 disadvantaged children and their families in 95 communities across Australia.

The Salvation Army's research on poverty in Australia highlights the issue of Australian children families living in disadvantage and we believe that education needs to be the focus to help these children have a better future."

[1] ABS data available on request. Survey of Housing and Income 2005-2006

Wendy Field is available for interview. Please contact Catherine George on the details listed below to arrange an interview.

Catherine George
National PR Advisor
The Smith Family
020 9085 7276
[email protected]

About The Smith Family:
The Smith Family is a national, independent children's charity committed to helping disadvantaged Australian children by unlocking opportunities through education and learning. To find out more go to;

SOURCE: The Smith Family

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