Tough Times For Lone Parents - 52 Per Cent Forced To

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13th October 2009, 07:10pm - Views: 1063

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News release, embargoed to Weds 14 October 2009



With interest rates back on the rise a poll released today by (the online community

of single parents looking for practical and emotional support from other lone parent families) has

revealed the stark financial and accommodation situation faced by lone parents.  

The poll found that 52 per cent of lone parents are forced to move suburbs and uproot their family

after a relationship split and 70 per cent forced to live in rented accommodation as they cannot

afford to buy a home, 11 per cent live with their parents and only 16 per cent currently own their

own home. 

The poll surveyed single parents through its online database and revealed single

parents find the going tough in many ways with parents surveyed revealing they have experienced

the following difficulties: 



Reduced finances for general cost of living  - 42% 


Dealing with emotional upheaval of self and children - 38%


Juggling child care arrangements - 30% 


Lack of support from like minded people - 25%


Reduced quality of accommodation - 23%


Child care fees - 21% 

Apart from practical accommodation issues and lack of emotional support, the poll also revealed the

single parents with no real family or community support find it incredibly difficult to balance work and

child care responsibilities: 45 per cent of non-working single parents say they are unable to work

due to parenting responsibilities or cannot find flexible enough or part time work to cater for child

care arrangements

Sophie Andrews, founder of said: “One parent families account for around one-fifth

of all families with children under 15 and whether this is as a result of divorce, death or a mum

bringing up a child on her own from day one, the fact remains that many parents find themselves in

very difficult situation – either practically, financially and/or emotionally. 

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“With global and interstate moves becoming more common, she says, many parents don’t even live

in their country of origin, let alone their home town and often have no family or close friends on hand

to help out.  And with an often drastically reduced financial outlook, the situation can be very



In a time where the economic downturn is playing havoc with everyday life for two-parent families,

let alone single parents,, an online community for lone parents offers a valuable

resource for single mums and dads who are finding the financial and emotional burden of living and

child care arrangements a little too hard to bear. 

Dedicated to providing single parents with alternative living arrangements and child care assistance

at what is a very lonely and financially difficult time, is an online database of single

parents looking to either share a house with another single parent, or to contact other one parent

families in their area with a view to sharing childcare and babysitting duties. 

SPACE4 launched in 2007 and has been a huge success, winning the 2008 Australian Home

Based Business Award for Personal Services just 18 months after launch.  

SPACE4 offers parents the support and reassurance of having someone to talk to who is

experiencing the exact same problems. It gives single parents the means to afford better

accommodation, have reciprocal babysitting arrangements and provides a family-style set up where

children have playmates and parents have adult company. 

Open to single dads as well as mums, is also great for single dads with weekend

or overnight access who may want to consider sharing with another single father in the same


Says Andrews: “Instead of going home to an empty house or apartment, single parents can take

advantage of the better standard of living, social and emotional support that house sharing and child

care sharing can provide”. 

The website is designed to be an easily affordable resource and costs just $9.95 for a basic

membership and an online profile. Once joined up, parents can choose potential member matches

by searching through the profiles by location and contacting any prospective parents by email. 


For further information please contact Sophie Cross on 0421 996810 or email 

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