2010 Sidney Sax Medal Awarded

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13th October 2010, 11:09am - Views: 1808

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13 October 2010

The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) has great pleasure in

announcing Gillian Biscoe as the recipient of the 2010 Sidney Sax Medal. The AHHA

awards the annual Sidney Sax Medal to an individual, active in the health services field,

who has made an outstanding contribution to health services policy, organisation,

delivery and research.

"Gillian Biscoe has spent her working life in the health and human services industry and

has made a rich and varied contribution," Prue Power, AHHA Executive Director, said


"Gillian began her professional career as a nurse, studying in Tasmania and the USA.

She joined the Federal Department of Health under the Hawke Government and played a

key role in leading the transfer of Nurse Education from hospitals to tertiary education

and the Doherty enquiry into Medical Education.

"After moving across the Tasman in 1988, Gillian helped redesign the New Zealand

Department of Health as part of the reforms to devolve services to Area Health Boards. 

She moved on to become Deputy Director General as the Department changed to

become a Ministry of Health focused on a policy and advisory role.

"In 1991 Gillian returned to Canberra as Secretary of ACT Health and Chief Executive of

the Canberra Hospital Board.  Two years later she was appointed Secretary of the newly

created Tasmanian Department of Community and Health Services.  While Secretary,

Gillian initiated an innovative multi-stakeholder 2020 project to imagine what the system

might be like in 25 years’ time.  That early work has informed thinking and planning

over the last fifteen years.

"In addition to her leadership role in key health organizations, Gillian has also had a

distinguished consulting career, working for governments, international organizations

(such as the World Health Organisation) and individuals across the public, private and

not for profit sectors.  She has been active in over fifty countries including Africa, the

Middle East, Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific region.  Her areas of work have

included health system reform, workforce development, policy development, strategic

planning, leadership development, change management and executive coaching.

"Gillian’s work on whole system change, leadership, people development, mentoring,

and energizing, envisioning and inspiring the next generation, plays to her strengths. 

Her life has themes throughout:  travel, service, vision, commitment, energy,

achievement and compassion.  She has undertaken very many important projects and

has been a friend to many, including the AHHA. The AHHA is proud to award the 2010

Sidney Sax Medal to Gillian,” Ms Power said.

For further information/comment: 

Ms Prue Power 0417 419 857


2010 Sidney Sax medal


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