Australian Ultrasound Company Transforms Medicine

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19th May 2009, 12:41pm - Views: 1088


19 May 2009

For immediate release

Australian personal ultrasound company set to transform medicine

Australian medical device company Signostics announced today it has secured

regulatory clearance from the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) to begin selling its

palm-sized personal ultrasound device, the ‘Signos’, in Australia and Europe (CE). This

follows clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the

product in the United States.

Signostics has developed a cost-effective device that for the first time makes it

affordable for individual health professionals to use ultrasound in their clinical practice. 

The global personal ultrasound market is currently estimated to be worth around US$3

billion, with the U.S. market worth about US$1 billion. 

The product will be launched in Australia this week at the General Practitioner

Conference to be held in Sydney, May 22 – 24.

Signostics Chief Operating Officer Stewart Bartlett said handheld medical devices like

the Signos have the power to transform medicine, providing better patient outcomes

and keeping costs down. 

“The Signos allows a variety of health professionals, including general practitioners and

emergency room physicians, to use an ultrasound diagnostic device whenever and

wherever to visualize what is happening on the spot. This really is revolutionary,

because previously it was too expensive and too cumbersome to include ultrasound as

part of a doctor’s toolkit.” 

“With the Signos, doctors now have an affordable ultrasound they can place in their

pocket, or wear around their neck like a stethoscope. It makes diagnosis quicker, easier

and more convenient for both the patient and the physician.”

Retailing at a fraction of the cost of larger machines, the Signos is the world’s smallest

and lightest ultrasound device. With a weight of approximately 300 grams, its portability

and low price point appeals to a large range of medical markets, including emergency

medicine, primary care, remote healthcare, critical care, physiotherapy, palliative care

and sports medicine. 

The device delivers high-resolution images anywhere, at any time for key medical

applications, including: bladder assessments; abdominal aortic aneurysm screening;

musculo- skeletal biofeedback; trauma assessments; and basic obstetrics, such as fetal




Signostics has received funding from angel investors, AusIndustry (BIF and Commercial

Ready Grants), Bioinnovation SA and Playford Capital. The company will shortly close a

round of funding at almost US$4 million, having raised a total of US$12 million to date. 

The brainchild of physician-engineer Dr Neil Bartlett, Signostics was established in

Adelaide in January 2005. Signostics employs a cutting edge development team

including physicians, sonographers as well as biomedical, electronic and software

engineers. Signostics’ global sales and marketing headquarters is located in the United

States in Silicon Valley, California. 


For media inquiries contact:

Stewart Bartlett, Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: 0403 951 272  Phone: +61 (0)8 8152 9420

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