Building Biology Comes to Queensland

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24th December 2011, 01:21pm - Views: 2035

Building Biology, popular in Europe and making headway in Melbourne and Victoria, has come to Queensland.

What is Building Biology? Building Biology is the science of investigating your immediate environment - your home or workplace - and identifying any potential sources of toxins there, and working out the strategy to remove them. These toxins can include pollution entering the home from outside, furniture or fittings that are off-gassing into your home, chemicals in your water, electromagnetic radiation or geopathic stresses.

It makes sense - if you're absorbing toxins through your skin, breathing them in, or immersing yourself in a field for several hours a day then removing those can help.

Think of these stresses as physical items you're holding - everything you need to think about or deal with during the day is a physical object. Then a virus comes along and attacks you - you can't defend yourself because you're carrying too much. By removing the toxins from your environment, we're removing some of the load that you're carrying, which leaves you more able to deal with everything else.

Sleep is also vital - if your body is working when it should be repairing itself, then you can't rest and that is another stress you need to carry. The chemicals within your home, the electromagnetic fields generated by appliances, mobile phones, power lines or even wifi can all affect your health, either directly themselves, or through affecting your sleep.

"Building Biology is all about removing the poisons from the immediate environment, which can only benefit your health" says Pauline, the owner of Red Fox Building Biology. "We're here to help you to make your home healthier - it doesn't matter how many vitamins or stretches or bicep curls you do, if you then go home (or to work) and breathe in toxins, that can't be good for you."

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Red Fox Building Biology is placed to travel throughout Queensland as required. "I was raised in Stanthorpe, so clean air and water and good food was plentiful. I also know there are toxic substances everywhere, country, city, regional centre - wherever. So I'm happy to go wherever my clients need me." says Pauline.

Learn more at Red Fox Building Biology

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