Eestech Jetwater Desalination Licensee Sponsors Coal Seam Gas Forum

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EESTECH Jetwater Desalination Licensee Sponsors Coal Seam Gas Forum

SYDNEY, June 30 /Medianet International-AsiaNet/ --

   Impulse Hydro, which is the licensee for the EESTech Inc. (EESH.PK) JetWater Thermal

Desalination System, was a sponsor of the recent 'Optimising CSG Production & Utilisation

Forum' held in Brisbane.  

   The forum, which attracted an audience of more than 70 representatives from the industry, was

addressed by Derek Pallet*, Impulse Hydro's technical manager, who described the water pre-

treatment and post-treatment concentrate handling through the use of EESTech's JetWater

thermal desalination system, which cleans the contaminated water to near 100 per cent purity.

   The need to clean contaminated water, which is released as part of the coal seam gas

extraction process, has come about because of a change in policy by the Queensland State

Government. The policy states that gas producers are not allowed to continue to store

contaminated water in holding ponds or be discharged into waterways and that existing

evaporation ponds will have to be remediated within three years. 

   The Impulse system uses reverse osmosis and the thermal desalination of the JetWater

System to clean the contaminated water, thereby reducing the need for evaporation ponds.

   The other speaker at the forum was Dr Patrick Glynn*, a research scientist working for the

Exploration and Mining Division of the CSIRO who described the crystallisation and elimination of

evaporation ponds.

   EESTECH signed the licence agreement with Impulse Hydro in March 2009 giving them access

to manufacture and sell their JetWater System Technology for water purification projects within


   Impulse Hydro ( is a progressive Australian based company with 30

years experience in water treatment. 

   EESTech (which stands for Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Technologies) owns

or holds the rights to three environmentally sustainable technologies, including the JetWater

technology, that have direct applications to the coal mining and energy industries. 

   EESTech's JetWater thermal desalination system has been rated in an international

environmental and engineering consultant's report as being one of the world's leading water

purification systems. The report rated the JetWater technology as one of the best overall in the

market based on both technical and cost criteria.

   Thermal desalination of water is based on evaporation, which replicates nature's own

purification process, by heating water and condensing the steam.

   Although the JetWater technology is based on well-known and widely understood chemical and

thermo-dynamic principles, EESTech's development team has refined the processes to greatly

increase effectiveness and efficiency.

   EESTech's CEO, Mr Murray Bailey said that a major benefit of the technology is that it can

purify up to 97 per cent of the feed-water, compared to less than 75 per cent by most membrane


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* Editors note: The papers presented at the Forum by Derek Pallet and Dr Patrick Glynn are

available on the Impulse website.


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