First And Only Weaning Product Based On 100% Non-allergenic Amino-acids Specifically Designed For Ch

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First and Only Weaning Product Based on 100% Non-Allergenic Amino-Acids Specifically Designed

for Children With Cows' Milk Protein Allergy and Multiple Food Protein Intolerance

LIVERPOOL, June 11 / PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ -


    - Nutricia Launches Neocate Nutra at the European Society for Paediatric

Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)

    Nutricia, the European market leader in advanced medical

nutrition, announces the launch of Neocate Nutra, the first and only weaning

product made from 100% non-allergenic amino acids. Neocate Nutra has been

specifically developed for weaning infants and older children with cows' milk

protein allergy (CMPA) and multiple food protein intolerance (MFPI). Unlike

many weaning products, Neocate Nutra contains no hidden allergens and is

designed to provide children with the key essential nutrients they need for

development. With its unique format, Neocate Nutra is suitable for taking

infants through the various stages of weaning and also for older children on

very restricted diets who are looking for convenient and varied food options.

    Neocate Nutra represents a groundbreaking advance in the

management of CMPA, a condition which affects between 2 to 7.5% of infants

worldwide.(1) With the launch of Neocate Nutra, parents of CMPA infants of a

weaning age and above can, for the first time, choose with confidence a

weaning product that is made from 100% non-allergenic amino acids, ruling out

any possible allergic reactions caused by an exposure to any trace of cows'

milk. Neocate Nutra contains key essential nutrients potentially missing from

a dairy-free diet and contains a child's full dietary requirements of calcium

and two thirds of their daily requirements for iron and vitamin D*. This

helps to ensure valuable nutrition for healthy bones, growth and development

throughout the weaning stage and beyond.

    "The weaning stage can be nerve-wracking for parents of infants with

cows' milk protein allergy as there is often a fear that they may react to

other foods. Having a weaning product that is totally milk-free and can be

used to provide infants with new tastes and textures means one less thing for

parents to worry about." said Dr. Adam Fox, Consultant & Honorary Senior

Lecturer in Paediatric Allergy, Evelina Children's Hospital, Guy's and St

Thomas', London.

    Standard weaning foods available potentially contain allergens

such as milk, wheat and gluten. The use of unmodified mammalian milk or

unmodified soy or rice milk, is not recommended for infants as these milks

are not adequately nutritious.(2) In addition, soy can also present

cross-reaction risks.(1,3)

    Good nutrition is not only essential for a child's physical

and emotional well-being, but also provides weaning infants with a choice and

variety of different foods, tastes and textures they need to help with their

mouth and tongue co-ordination for speech development.(4)

    "We are delighted to introduce Neocate Nutra as the first and

only amino acid-based weaning product for children with cows' milk allergy

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and other food allergies." commented Martin Pettifor, Category Director for

Allergy Relief at Nutricia. "Neocate Nutra has been developed as a direct

result of feedback from parents.(5) Parents of children with food allergies can

now wean their child with Neocate Nutra without fear of exposure to hidden

allergens that can cause an allergic reaction."

    Note to Editors:

    About Nutricia

    Neocate Nutra is produced by Nutricia Advanced Medical

Nutrition. Nutricia is a specialised unit of Danone, with a mission to lead

the use of Advanced Medical Nutrition in disease management and disease

prevention. With its focus on innovative, science-based nutrition delivering

proven consumer benefits and better clinical outcomes for patients, Nutricia

supports Danone's broader mission to bring health through food to the

greatest number. Nutricia was acquired by Danone in 2007.

    About Amino Acid-Based Formulas

    The development of the amino acid-based formula (AAF) in CMPA has proven

an important step forward in providing safe and effective nutrition for

infants with cows' milk allergy.(4) Nutricia has a strong heritage in AAF,

having developed the first one ever, Neocate, which celebrated its 25th

birthday in 2008.

    About Neocate Nutra

    Nutricia's Neocate Nutra is the first amino acid-based weaning product

for infants from 6 months and children with CMPA.

    Neocate Nutra is a versatile and convenient product. When water is added

to this powder-based product, a smooth, spoonable "yoghurt style" consistency

is formed which can be adjusted by adding more or less water as desired. With

its neutral taste, Neocate Nutra is perfect on its own or can be combined

with a variety of sweet or savoury "safe" foods. Neocate is manufactured in a

cows' milk protein-free plant. Neocate Nutra is suitable for infants from 6

months and young children.

    National launches of Neocate Nutra will be taking place across the world

during the course of 2009 and 2010.


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    Source: Nutricia


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