Latest Health Issues For Australian Women

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17th June 2009, 04:35pm - Views: 837

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17 June 2008

Latest health issues for Australian women 

The latest Jean Hailes national magazine edition is out, featuring a range of health

issues relevant to Australian women. This issue focuses on Making Time for You and

the importance of caring for our physical, psychological and emotional needs. 

With input from the Foundation’s range of medical, allied health and health

educators, each article offers up to date information that is both fresh and evidence-


Features in the latest edition include:

Great expectations – the pressure of living up to our own, and other people’s,


Why does it always seem that we’re the ones strugging, and that somewhere out

there are women who manage to do it all perfectly. Who are these ‘super’ women

who seem to have it all anyway? Most of us who are juggling work, family,

housework, relationships, friends, cooking etc, generally feel like we’re treading water

just to keep afloat. Psychologist Dr Mandy Deeks believes that having unrealistic

expectations is a big issue for many women, along with poor self-esteem and body

image and not enough time in the day for ‘me’. She also answers some of the most

freqently asked questions on this topic.

Reasons for eating – learning to identify why we eat, other than for hunger

What to eat – or not eat – is something that affects each of us every single day. We

don’t just eat because we’re hungry of course. Sometimes we eat for pleasure,

comfort, control or simply out of boredom or habit. Eating is much more than just a

physical need; there’s also the psychological urge that needs to be satisfied.

Psychologist Gillian Needleman explains that eating can temporarily relieve stress

and even create a sense of physical fullness that feels comforting. Learn about

mindful eating – using all your senses to be totally aware of what you’re doing and

the reason/s for it. In this way you become more in tune with what you’re eating, the

quality of the food and, importantly, the quantity.

Tired of being tired – with our busy lifestyles is it any wonder we’re all so run down?

GP Dr Vivienne Whitechurch sees women every day who are battling fatigue. They

feel tired, worn out, exhausted, drained, rundown, lethargic and lack energy. This

common ailment can have a huge effect on quality of life for many people and

there are a range of causes including lifestyle, psychological, work issues and even

medical conditions can affect how tired you feel. Naturopath Sally Mathrick runs

through her best fatigue fighting tips, including a range of physical and emotional




To interview a Foundation expert

on these or any other women’s health issues call Aleeza

Zohar on (03) 9562 6771 or 0425 758 729.

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