Zigbee Selected By Continua Health Alliance For Next Generation Guidelines

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9th June 2009, 01:11am - Views: 763

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ZigBee Selected by Continua Health Alliance for Next Generation Guidelines

SAN RAMON, Calif., June 8 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

   Wireless Standard added to Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines

    The ZigBee(R) Alliance announced today that the Continua Health Alliance

has endorsed ZigBee Health Care as Continua's new low power local area

network (LAN) standard. ZigBee Health Care offers interference-free wireless

connectivity, supporting thousands of devices on a single network. Continua

recommends ZigBee for sensing and control in professional settings, homes,

recreation centers and across large campuses. Continua Health Alliance is the

leading non-profit coalition of major health care and technology companies in

the industry.

    For the Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines, ZigBee Health Care

offers secure, robust, battery-efficient wireless connectivity for patient

activity and facilities monitoring while delivering the freedom of wireless

operation outside of buildings. ZigBee peacefully coexists with other

wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, a critical requirement for patient

safety and use in health care facilities. ZigBee Health Care runs on a

wide-range of cost-effective and certified silicon platforms already

available from many of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers.

    "Continua's selection of ZigBee Health Care follows a rigorous technical

review and seeing firsthand the ability of ZigBee Health Care to meet the

requirements set forth by the Continua Health Alliance," said Rick Cnossen,

Continua Health Alliance president and chairman of the Board of Directors.

"ZigBee Health Care can be utilized around the world in a wide variety of

settings and is particularly well suited for use in low-power LAN


    Products using the standard will help ageing and physically challenged

people remain independent. It also features the security required to protect

personal data and conform to regulatory policies.

    "As one of the leading companies in health care, Philips anticipates the

use of ZigBee Health Care in a variety of products," said Paul Coebergh van den

Braak, senior director at Royal Philips Electronics and a member of the

Continua Board of Directors. "ZigBee Health Care offers a comprehensive

standard for both personal monitoring and use along with medical facility use."

    ZigBee Health Care devices can interact with other ZigBee wireless

technologies already deployed in consumer electronics, home automation and

commercial building automation.

    "The ZigBee Alliance looks forward to a long and productive relationship

with the Continua Health Alliance and appreciates their selection of ZigBee

Health Care for inclusion in the Continua Health Alliance Design Guidelines,"

said Dr. Robert F. Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. "ZigBee Health Care

is ready for product manufacturer use today and is backed by a strong ecosystem

of suppliers offering certified platforms to suit any device need."

    ZigBee Health Care - The Standard for Monitoring Your Health, Wellness

and Fitness

    More broadly, ZigBee Health Care provides a global, open standard for

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interoperable wireless devices enabling secure monitoring and management of

noncritical, low-acuity healthcare services targeted at chronic disease

management, obesity and ageing. It provides full support for IEEE 11073

devices. The standard is designed for use in homes, fitness centers,

retirement communities, nursing homes and a variety of medical care

facilities. It meets the requirements of consumers, service providers, care

providers, payers, product manufacturers and policymakers. ZigBee Health Care

certified products can interact with other ZigBee certified products found in


    ZigBee: Control your world

    ZigBee is the global wireless language connecting dramatically different

devices to work together and enhance everyday life. The ZigBee Alliance is a

non-profit association of more than 300 member companies driving development of

ZigBee wireless technology.  The Alliance promotes world-wide adoption of

ZigBee as the leading wirelessly networked, sensing and control standard for

use in consumer electronics, energy, health care, home, commercial and

industrial areas. For more information, visit: www.zigbee.org.

SOURCE:  ZigBee Alliance

    CONTACT: Kevin Schader of ZigBee Alliance


             kschader@inventures.com; or 

             Katherine Manning of GolinHarris, 


             kmanning@golinharris.com, for ZigBee Alliance




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