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16th December 2010, 07:07pm - Views: 1755

Errine Pty Ltd t/a Errine Adaptive Clothing has taken the initiative to provide a completely new and free service for amputees across Australia.

'Some items have to be purchased in pairs whether you need a pair or not which many people take for granted if they have not lost an arm or a leg or a foot, so, we decided to offer a free service for amputees who have shoes or other items they can't use and just sit taking up space in the cupboard'. said Jane Thomasson, founder of Errine Pty Ltd.

'It's an opportunity for people to make a few dollars, clear out cupboards, and maybe get to know others along the way, and is the first service of it's kind in Australia (that we have been able to ascertain to date).' 'It's a new service so there are only a few categories to start with but we're counting on members telling us what else they could use so we can expand the service.' Jane added

You will have to register at to be able to submit an ad but all ad submissions are completely free and remain published for up to a year. There are no hidden costs and no catches; Errine Pty Ltd has taken the initiative to provide a free service for a section of the community who are often forgotten.

'Not all people with limb loss wear prosthetics so to have to buy a pair of shoes for example is an added expense for thousands of Australians who just don't need them, people now have the choice to sell their items to make a few extra dollars or give away items and help others who may be in need, or they may see someone else with the same sizing but different need and exchange with each other.'

'We provide adaptive clothing for people with mobility disabilities, now we can provide something different for people with a different need, and we are always looking at news ways to improve our services and take the initiative in the disability market' concluded Jane.

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