Streetware Transforming Sydney Laneways With Temporary Art

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12th October 2010, 12:53pm - Views: 844
Streetware Transforming Sydney Laneways with Temporary Art

A laneway lined with Babushka dolls, plastic people perched on steps, an urban angel, and some cows in the country will be among a series of dramatic new Streetware temporary art projects to be installed in Sydney laneways.

"These artists will temporarily transform blank building walls into creative canvases alive with images to catch the attention and imagination of those who normally walk straight past these same laneways without a second glance," said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for emerging artists and designers to present their ideas in public, while also building on the City's mission to revitalise our laneways as unique and creative urban spaces."

The Streetware projects include:

* Angel in My City by Steve Gorrow: An urban angel pasted onto the side of a building transforming a blank wall into a new creative space.
* Babushka Dolls by Kat Smoleynec: Photographs of felt-covered Babushka dolls taken in unique places in and around Sydney, reproduced and pasted along Dungate Street.
* Crims & Crooks by Jumbo + Zap: Expect a wild alleyway in Sands Street filled with wallpapers of giant comic gangster characters referencing the Razor Gang era and 1920s identities such as Tilly Devine.
* Long paddock by Bams & Ted: A laneway long paddock along Market Row will bring a touch of the bush to the heart of the City.
* The Mission on Paper by Emma Davidson: Exploring the portal-like potential of popular culture and everyday life, Emma will mission to the moon with text and images from 1960s and 1970s children's books creating a colourful collage along Nithsdale Lane off Alberta Street.
* Plastic People by Grrl + Dog: Makeshift life-size people created from recycled plastic and paper shopping bags will be posed in laneways spreading the word about sustainability.

The Streetware temporary art projects will be installed from Monday 18 October 2010 and remain in place for up to six months.

Streetware is part of the City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 creating a sustainable, liveable, creative and vibrant city.

For more media information or images, contact:

Keeley Irvin
(02) 9265 9106
[email protected]

For interviews with the Lord Mayor, contact:
Cie'Jai Leggett
(02) 9265 9752
[email protected]

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