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20th November 2009, 07:49am - Views: 982

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Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

20 November 2009

Statement from Church of Scientology

Rev. Vicki Dunstan, Pesident

Church of Scientology Australia

Senator Xenophon clearly made no effort to ascertain the truth or

falsity of allegations he made in the Senate on Tuesday night

concerning the Church of Scientology and the Scientology religion. 

The alleged incidents voiced by Senator Xenophon came to him from

disgruntled former members with their own agendas to forward, used

by him to forward his own political aspirations. 

The Church had recently invited the Senator to meet with Church

representatives to answer his questions and to address any mutual

concerns. He ignored the invitation.

Instead, Senator Xenophon abused Parliamentary privilege to publicly

utter false allegations concerning the Church as well as tragic events

of the past that were fully investigated by authorities with the Church

completely exonerated of any wrongdoing. He sought to exploit the

personal tragedies of individuals.

The Senator’s descriptions of Church of Scientology beliefs and

practices were also completely false. The correct information about

Scientology beliefs is readily available, yet he chose to ignore it. 

The Aims of Scientology include a world without insanity, without

criminals and without war. Scientology recognizes Man as a spiritual

being with unlimited potential, and with care and compassion assists

individuals to achieve personal freedom.

The invitation to Senator Xenophon to dialogue with Church officials

remains open.


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