The Dalai Lama Must Be Reasonable In His Demands

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3rd May 2008, 02:05pm - Views: 1214

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The Dalai Lama Must Be Reasonable in His Demands

LONDON, May 3 /PRNewswire--AsiaNet/ --

    Heads of State and the international media should be aware of the facts on the Tibet Issue in

order to manage their expectations over the proposed meeting between the Chinese government

and the top envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  

    While China recently announced that they would initiate a dialogue with the top envoy to His

Holiness shortly after a meeting with European Commission 

President Jose Manuel Barroso, Heads of State should be aware that China has 

always been a willing partner in negotiation with Tibet on all issues apart from the question of

territory and political independence. These issues 

importantly include the protection of ancient and sacred Tibetan culture.   

    The probability of success from these renewed talks however should be viewed as extremely

low given the nature of the demands made by His Holiness 

as part of 'Middle Way Approach' that seek to extend Tibetan political 

governance to "all Tibetan inhabited areas" -- this includes the Tibet 

Autonomous Region and two adjoining provinces that make up approximately  one-quarter of

China, a land mass equivalent to the United Kingdom, Portugal, 

Germany and Romania combined. 

    His Holiness has also told Reuters on April 10 that Tibetans should also 

be in control of their own defense and foreign policy saying: "Tibet must have 

real autonomy. That means deciding defense and foreign affairs and maybe some 

other issues." 

    As recently written on by Louise Blouin MacBain, Chairman of Louise Blouin Media

and the Louise Blouin Foundation, these statements appear 

to be inconsistent with more recent calls by His Holiness, who has previously 

sought cultural, spiritual and environmental protections for Tibet. The 

representatives of His Holiness have also provided a different description of 

the Tibetan political demands, stating that their aims are for "meaningful autonomy for the entire

Tibetan populated area." 

    Since November 2007 the Louise Blouin Foundation ( as part of its

Globalization Platform ( has taken an 

active interest, as neutral party, in developing a collaborative solution for 

the region.  

    In May 2008 Louise Blouin MacBain will be traveling to Beijing and Tibet 

in order to develop a proposal towards Tibetan cultural preservation with the 

Chinese government and Tibetan Autonomous Region Party representatives. Louise 

Blouin MacBain sincerely hopes that His Holiness can also participate in this 

dialogue and the full negotiation process. 


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