Abs Reminds Farmers To Return Their Survey Forms

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15th August 2008, 01:32pm - Views: 783

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August 15, 2008


ABS reminds farmers to return their survey forms

In late June, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) sent out forms for the Agricultural

Resource Management survey to about 30,000 farms across Australia.

So far, just under half of these forms have been returned; but the ABS starts preparing

preliminary estimates next month, so it is calling on farmers to return outstanding forms as

soon as they can.

This survey is collecting information on agricultural production throughout Australia and it's

contribution to the national economy, as well as the management practices being adopted

and applied by Australian farmers.

"The complimentary data collected in the survey will help the development of policies to

support productive and sustainable farming," said Charles McElhone, Economics Manager

of the National Farmers' Federation.

Every survey form is important!

The ABS relies on the information provided by farmers, and has had strong support in

previous surveys. Every form in a survey counts, and the ABS is looking forward to the

continued support of farmers with this survey.

Preliminary results for 2007-08 will be released by the ABS in late 2008.

More information on the Agricultural Resource Management survey can be found on the

ABS web site www.abs.gov.au under 'ARM survey' or contact the ABS on 1800 647 011

(freecall except for mobile phones).


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