City Selfishness Destroying Farmers

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6th January 2010, 07:35pm - Views: 972

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Wednesday, 6th January, 2010

City Selfishness Destroying Farmers

It comes as no surprise to the SSAA (Vic) that farmers feel “the victims of neglect and

selfishness by their city cousins.”- As the Herald Sun survey results reported on Monday

4/1/2010, Voteline results 5/1, showed 98% agree.

The SSAA (Vic) president Mr. Bob Cooper stated today; “With over 25,000 members

State-wide, we have been aware of this problem developing for many years but our

concerns until now, have fallen on deaf ears. It’s a worrying trend with several potential

outcomes, none of which are good.  Increasing  suicides in country areas is just one of the

indicators. We are concerned as well that despite this survey, most groups and individuals

don’t have any concept of the causes, yet many are themselves part of the problem. It

would appear that the causes have not been seriously canvassed in the survey.”

We all know that the causes are multiple and, all add up to what could best be described

as ”an accidental assault on the essential industry of iconic Australian Primary producers.”

Responsibility for this country disaster rests in several quarters; Political Parties (Federal

and State); Peak Farming groups; Media (particularly city media) and more recently; direct

assault by super greens.

Where to from here? We have forums on all sorts of issues and this is a major issue

having severe financial, employment and welfare impacts on our essential rural

community.  Surely this demands Federal, State and Local Governments get together with

Community Representatives to determine practical means of addressing this very real &

urgent problem.

It is a responsibility of Governments to foster harmony within our community, while

ensuring our survival strategies for the future. Governments have not done this well, and

now they need to act rapidly, determine and correct the causes of a tragic and dangerous

situation before it is all too late.

For further information contact Colin Wood on 8892 2777

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