Nsw Banana Growers Support Greater Choice For Consumers To Avoid Waste

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8th January 2010, 04:53pm - Views: 905

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8 January 2010

NSW banana growers support greater choice in

bananas for consumers to avoid waste

The issue of ‘less than perfect’ bananas is of concern to banana growers in NSW who

believe their product is overlooked or severely underpriced due to its size or


Northern NSW grower and board member of the Australian Banana Growers’ Council

Peter Molenaar, says NSW growers are constantly battling to get recognition for their

fruit which is usually smaller than that from far north Queensland, or doesn’t meet

major supermarkets’ rigid specifications.

“We believe the smaller fruit is in fact more popular with many families as it is better

suited to children. As well, many consider that NSW bananas are sweeter as they take

longer to grow in subtropical conditions,” says Mr Molenaar.

“We struggle to get a decent wholesale price which our fruit deserves and major

supermarkets often dismiss it entirely.  Perfectly good fruit from subtropical growers is

dumped sometimes when reasonable prices cannot be achieved.”  

We believe that it is time that consumers had greater choice – let them have the choice

of smaller fruit or those with blemishes at a different price point.

“Growers in Carnarvon, WA, have shown it can be done and have successfully

marketed smaller ‘lunchbox’ bananas and blemished bananas as ‘smoothie’ bananas.

We need to work more closely with retailers to make these kinds of initiatives happen in

the east coast markets.” 

In NSW there is less wastage compared with far northern Queensland as markets and

smaller retailers are outlets for other than ‘perfect’ bananas.

Bananas are grown in two major areas in NSW - from Stuart’s Point to Woolgoolga and

from Ballina up to the Queensland border.


For more information: Peter Molenaar, 0407912110

or Subtropical Banana Industry Communications officer, Neville Sloss 0414562010.

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