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6th October 2010, 06:46pm - Views: 1202
Stockyard Gold Branded Champion Beef

Stockyard has once again proven to be the finest beef producer in Australia after winning the champion awards at both the Sydney Royal Fine Food Branded Beef Competition and the Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show in 2010.

Since entering these prestigious competitions in 2006, Stockyard has been awarded the Champion Branded Beef on four occasions, making it the most successful beef brand in Australia today.

Chief Executive Officer of Stockyard Lachie Hart said the award was a fitting tribute to the hard work by every member of the Stockyard team and their attention to detail at every stage of beef production.

"Producing a top quality steak today requires considerable time and effort at all links in the supply chain," Mr Hart said.

"We start by selecting superior genetics and raising our cattle in a clean and stress free environment. We then feed our cattle the right balance of nutritious, high quality steam flaked grains and other locally produced natural feedstuffs to ensure each Stockyard Steak is consistent in tenderness and flavour."

The naturally fed beef seems to resonate with customers, with Stockyard successfully distributing throughout Australia and a booming worldwide market.

One of Stockyard's distinguished clients is Brisbane's award winning contemporary restaurant Cha Cha Char.

Cha Cha Char Executive Chef Richard Brown said the quality of the meat is critical when it comes to choosing the meat he presents to customers.

"We find that the Stockyard Wagyu Beef is one of our more popular meats, having an ideal meat-to-fat ratio creating a texture that is beautifully marbled and caramelises well when cooking while still maintaining the robust meat flavours," Chef Richard said.

"Stockyard is a Queensland family business that supplies local produce, which are important criteria for us when selecting our freshest ingredients.

"In my experience you can't go past Stockyard for quality and their beef is deservedly award-winning."

Stockyard is one of Australia's most prestigious purveyors of meat, first established in 1973 and now providing fine quality beef to clients throughout the Australian and the international markets.

Stockyard will join Australia's best food and wine producers at the upcoming Restaurant 10 held at Sydney Royal Hall of Industries Exhibition 25th-26th October.

The award winning Stockyard Gold range is derived from Angus genetics, fed and cared for over 200 days and MSA graded to ensure superior eating quality. In addition to the multi-award winning Stockyard Gold range, they also offer other beef categories including:

* Stockyard Grain Fed a young beef category grain fed for 70 days and MSA
graded offering consistency in tenderness and value

* Stockyard CAAB a 150 day Angus product certified by Australian Angus Beef

* Stockyard Wagyu the ultimate in eating quality utilising Stockyard's own
wagyu genetics and unique feeding program.

For further information on the quality products Stockyards has to offer, visit

For further information, please contact:
Lachie Hart
Stockyard Beef
Phone: 07 3623 2800
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Stockyard Beef

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