Weed Management A $1.5 Billion Problem For Australian Farmers: Abs

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25th June 2008, 01:55pm - Views: 868

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June 25, 2008

Embargoed: 11.30 am (AEST)


Weed management a $1.5 billion problem for Australian

Farmers: ABS

The management of weeds was the major Natural Resource Management

activity for Australian farmers, according to figures released today by the

Australian Bureau of Statistics. 

During the 2006-07 financial year, farmers spent $1,574 million controlling

weeds, which is more than pests ($768 million) and land and soil problems

($649 million) combined.

The total cost of managing these problems was $2,991 million, or an average

of $21,094 per business.

Nationally, nearly two thirds of farmers reported that they had improved their

natural resource management practices. Of these, 89% reported doing so to

increase productivity, 88% for farm sustainability, and 75% to improve

environmental protection.

Other findings include:

Farmers in Australia managed 425 million hectares of land, or just over

half (55%) of Australia's land mass. 

Of all expenditure on weed management, nearly two thirds ($982

million) was spent on herbicides. 

Of all expenditure on pest management, over half ($430 million) was

spent on pesticides. 

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Erosion was the most common land and soil problem, reported by 48%

of the farmers, followed by soil compaction (43%) and soil acidity


These findings are based on the second Natural Resource Management

survey conducted by the ABS.

More details are available in Natural Resource Management on Australian

Farms 2006-07(cat. no. 4620.0).

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