Children Suffered From Eczema - More Likely To Have Emotional Issue.

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12th October 2010, 07:05pm - Views: 1206

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“Eczema in early childhood may influence behavior and mental health later

September 2010

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Children who suffered from eczema during the first two years of life were more

likely to demonstrate psychological abnormalities, in particular emotional

problems, at age ten. "This indicates that eczema can precede and lead to

behavioral and psychological problems" Dr. Heinrich (Munich University)

Considering Baby eczema is usually caused by genetics, and has become far

more prevalent in recent years – due to greater levels of air pollution,

chemicals, free radicals, and a lower gradient of protection from the sun - rates of

baby eczema have more than doubled, and beyond the cosmetic concerns and

physical discomfort – the psychological consequences are of concern to parents.

As long standing supporter of the Eczema Association and BARRIER BALM is a

prized item in Nappy Bags across the country.  The selection of the organic

ingredients used in Aromababy’s products were formulated through neonatal

research, making the brand a quality natural alternative compared to

commercial brands.  Award winning and globally exported, the range is also used

exclusively at the Neo Natal Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Free from alcohol/ethanol, herbal extracts, preservative, surfactants and

artificial perfume - Barrier Balm ingredients include Calendula, Evening

Primrose, Vitamin E oils (which are certified gmo free) along with German

Chamomile, Rose and Neroli essential oils which are low allergen and anti-

inflammatory ingredients. 

Base ingredients of cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil and natural beeswax creates

a light barrier which provides the skin from further irritation.

Catherine advises there are certain natural ingredients which are unsuitable for

newborns or children with eczema. Products containing strong natural essential

oils or extracts including lemon, peppermint, spearmint, tea tree or rosemary for

example, in Catherine’s view can be harsh on the skin and potentially lead to

exacerbating conditions like eczema.

Aromababy’s guide for Eczema skincare:


1. Moisturise:  Applying a good moisturiser (at least daily) will help to prevent

the skin from losing its natural oils and minimise eczema. 

2. Drink Lots:  Drinking 8 10 glasses of water a day will help to keep the body

and the skin hydrated. Loss of fluid from the skins tissues can cause thirst!.

3. Take Omega 3 Supplements:  People with eczema are often deficient in

omega 3 - responsible for controlling inflammation in the body. Look to natural

sources including from cold water fish including sardines and salmon, nuts,

pumpkin seeds, soya beans, walnuts, dark green leafy vegetables and oils.

4. Choose Your Emollient Cream:  Everyone responds differently to various

emollient creams.  Most emollient creams will have one preservative to ensure a

shelf life however one would expect that a high quality, un-fragranced natural

baby cream would have a lower percentage of preservative than a stronger,

adult type formulation.  always patch test the cream first.

5. Be Consistent: Avoid changes to detergents and clothing fabrics if you have

determined that what you are using is safe for you.

6. Find Your Triggers: The most common are chemicals, pollens, pet dander,

some foods, stress and climate.   Remove the triggers, reduce the eczema.



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