Coolsculpting - Clinically Proven Fat Reduction Without Surgery

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25th October 2010, 09:56pm - Views: 1240

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For Immediate Release - 25/10/2010


CoolSculpting – Clinically Proven Fat Reduction Without Surgery Arrives In Australia

A new, non-invasive fat-reduction procedure that can remove an average of 22% of the treated fat

layer with one treatment has recently launched in Australia. The procedure, called CoolSculpting,

was developed by Harvard University researchers and uses nothing other than precisely controlled

cooling to reduce areas of body fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.  

The CoolSculpting treatment works on the principle that fat cells are more susceptible to the

effects of cold than the surrounding skin and tissue.  By cooling the fat cells to a scientifically

determined temperature the fat cells are stimulated to undergo a process called apoptosis (natural

cell death) and begin to shrink and permanently disappear over a period of two to four months. 

Brisbane Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Daniel Fleming, explained that CoolSculpting offered patients a

new way to remove fat without requiring any downtime.  “We have always been able to get rid of

fat with liposuction but patients want a non-invasive way of doing this and they don’t want to have

time off work or their normal activities,” said Dr Fleming.  “CoolSculpting allows reshaping of

problem areas of fat without surgery or needles.  During the procedure patients read, do email,

watch a movie or even take a nap. Afterwards they can immediately resume all activities.”

The initial scientific discovery that fat cells are more vulnerable to the effects of cold than

surrounding tissue was made by the same researchers who discovered laser hair removal and

fractional laser resurfacing.  Dr Dieter Manstein and Dr R. Rox Anderson, of Massachusetts

General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, reviewed medical

research where children experienced a loss of fat volume in their cheeks due to prolonged

exposure to cold from popsicles. Clinical studies followed that demonstrated CoolSculpting

treatments can reduce the thickness of the treated fat layer by an average 22% in the two to four

months following a single procedure.

Perth Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Jayson Oates, said CoolSculpting was ideal for patients wanting a

non-surgical way to remove visible fat bulges that did not respond to diet and exercise. “Not

everyone with small fat bulges needs or wants liposuction. This is the first technology that was able

to demonstrate to me real results. No incisions, no down time and reliable fat reduction –

this is

something people have been waiting for.”

Matt Moncrieff, the Managing Director of High Tech Laser, the distributor of CoolSculpting in

Australia said the procedure had been an immediate success with over 20,000 procedures

performed in Europe and the USA over the past twelve months.  “The CoolSculpting procedure

has been available overseas for eighteen months and the results have shown that treatment is

safe and effective.  The results from the first patients treated in Australia have been extremely

positive and as a walk-in, walk-out procedure it is likely be very popular in the lead up to summer.”   

CoolSculpting treatments are FDA approved in the USA for non-invasive fat-layer reduction.  The

procedure is ideal for fat reduction on the abdomen, love-handles and back.  CoolSculpting is

available through doctors at locations throughout Australia. 

About Coolsculpting by Zeltiq

CoolSculpting is manufactured by Zeltiq, a global medical device company based in Pleasanton,

California in the USA.  CoolSculpting is distributed in Australia by High Tech Laser Australia, one

of Australia’s largest medical laser and equipment distributors. For information on CoolSculpting

For media enquiries and interviews, please contact:

Dan O’Donnell – High Tech Laser

Ph 1300 309 233

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