Emergency Services Recognised By Kidsafe For Protecting Children

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26th October 2010, 08:28am - Views: 979

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Media Release

26 October 2010


Victorian Emergency Services Recognised for Protection of Children  

Each day in Australia, 5,000 children require medical attention, 170 are admitted to hospital and one

child dies - all as a result of unintentional injuries.

Kidsafe Victoria is celebrating National Kidsafe Day by publicly acknowledging the outstanding work

carried out by Victoria’s emergency services, in the protection of children from accidents and injury. 

In a ceremony to be held this morning, grade three students from Hawthorn West Primary School

will act as Kidsafe ambassadors and present Kidsafe certificates of recognition to Ambulance

Victoria, Victoria Police, Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Brigade, and the State

Emergency Services.

Robert Caulfield, Vice President of Kidsafe Victoria said Kidsafe’s public acknowledgement of the

emergency services was recognition of the care, concern, and kindness of the men and women in the front

line, who often place their own lives at risk, to rescue and protect children.

“Each year there are hundreds of Victorian families who are personally touched by the commitment and

dedication of these services. 

“As a community we believe it is important to also acknowledge that members of our emergency services

must deal with extreme emotional trauma in situations involving fatalities or severe injuries to children.”  

Mr. Caulfield said, “apart from rescuing and caring for children in emergency situations, these organisations

play a major role of safety education and awareness, supporting the prevention of unintentional injuries to


Each day in Australia, 5 000 children require medical attention, 170 are admitted to hospital and one child

dies - all as a result of unintentional injuries. Most of these injuries occur at home and at school. 

Since Kidsafe’s establishment in 1979, the number of children in Australia killed by unintentional injury has

been halved. To date, a great deal has been achieved in preventing unintentional injuries to children through

Kidsafe media campaigns and educational programs, however, Kidsafe and the community must continue

their efforts to save the lives of Victorian children.

Media Enquiries:

Robert Caulfield  Vice President Kidsafe 0412 381 306   

Ron Smith, Corporate Media Communications, Kidsafe Victoria – Mobile: 0417 329 201 

Media Alert

9:45am Tuesday 26th

October 2010

Emergency Services Recognised on National Kidsafe Day

Hawthorn West Primary School

Wood Street, Hawthorn

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