October Focus On Epilepsy Research

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21st October 2010, 03:59pm - Views: 1284

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Issued 19 October 2010


October focus on epilepsy research 

Two foremost authorities on epilepsy, Professor Andrew Kanner from the United States and Professor Graham

Scambler from the United Kingdom will be international guest speakers at the Inaugural Epilepsy Symposium

in Brisbane next week (Wednesday 27 October 2010).

Prof Kanner specialises in the psychiatric aspects of epilepsy, the world’s most common serious brain disorder.

He is Senior Attending Physician in the department of Neurological Sciences at Rush University Medical

Center in Chicago, where he has been director of the Laboratory of Electroencephalography and Video-EEG-

Telemetry since 1991. He has co-edited six medical textbooks on epilepsy and his research in epilepsy

surgery, pharmacology and the brain disorder’s link with depressive disorders has been broadly published. His

presentation to the symposium will focus on epilepsy and depression, in particular the bidirectionality of these

two medical conditions (depression is more common in people with epilepsy, but also people with depression

may be more likely to develop epilepsy).

Prof Scambler is a medical sociologist from University College in London, best known for his work on the

social, psychological and quality of life issues associated with epilepsy. Prof Scambler will address the stigma

facing people with epilepsy, largely because of the seizures they experience, and behavioural implications.

Epilepsy Queensland Inc (EQI) will host the symposium in conjunction with Griffith University. Interested media

are invited to attend the symposium and/or arrange interviews with Prof Kanner and Prof Scambler during their

time in Australia (from 21 October, initially to address the 8th

Asian-Oceanian Epilepsy Congress in


The Brisbane symposium will be held from 2pm on Wednesday 27 October 2010.

Venue:  Russell Strong Auditorium, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Woolloongabba 

Also addressing the symposium will be:

Assoc Professor Malcolm Hopwood (Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne

and a Director of the Brain Disorders Program and the Veterans Psychiatry Unit at Austin Health) 

Professor Harry McConnell (Professor of Neuropsychiatry at Griffith University) 

Deputy Premier and Minister for Health, Paul Lucas MP

EQI Patron and former rugby league star, Wally Lewis (one of the 2% of Queenslanders, or about

90,000 people, affected by epilepsy). 

While in Brisbane, the symposium speakers will also address the 14th

Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists

Scientific Meeting, to be held from 28 to 30 October at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Epilepsy-related topics

to be discussed will include advances in medical treatments and the use of psychotropic drugs.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Media please call Helen Whitehead (CEO of EQI) on 0400 578 898 or Professor

Harry McConnell via 07 5678 0719

PROGRAM – INAUGURAL EPILEPSY SYMPOSIUM (Wednesday 27 October 2010 – Russell Strong

Auditorium, Princess Alexandra Hospital) 


Welcome by Wally Lewis, EQI Patron


Prof Harry McConnell (Seizure site and type – relationship to behaviour, mental health and

treatment approaches)


Prof Andres Kanner (Bidirectional relation between epilepsy and depression and its implications

for the treatment of the two conditions)


The Hon Paul Lucas MP Deputy Premier - address


Assoc Prof Malcolm Hopwood (Epilepsy and other common mental health conditions – what

they are and how to treat them)


Prof Graham Scambler (Epilepsy and stigma – is it necessary to live in the shadows?  What can

we do about it at an individual, school, workplace and community level?)


Questions to the panel


Close of seminar, followed at 6.30pm with presentation of EQI’s Annual Awards to recognise

people who have contributed to the epilepsy community



MEETING  (Thursday 28 October to 30 October 2010 – Brisbane Convention Centre: Epilepsy Stream is

on 28 October)

11.00 -12.30pm

Chair, Prof Harry McConnell 

Prof Graham Scambler (Epilepsy and stigma interventions to reduce stigma in clinical


Assoc Prof Malcolm Hopwood (Epilepsy and psychosis)

Prof Andres Kanner (Bidirectional relation between epilepsy and depression and its

implications for the treatment of the two conditions)

Sandeep Bhutah (Neuroradiological correlates of neuropsychiatry and epilepsy)

1.30 – 3.00pm 

Dr Dan McLaughlin (Advances in medical treatment of epilepsy)

Assoc Prof Malcolm Hopwood (Use of psychotropic drugs in people with epilepsy)

Dr  Kate Riney  (Sudden death associated with epilepsy)

Prof Harry McConnell (Psychiatric Co-morbidity and epilepsy treatment)

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Media please call Helen Whitehead (CEO of EQI) on 0400 578 898 or Prof

Harry  McConnell via 07 5678 0719

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