Radio Grabs: Aussie Breakthrough In Eye Surgery

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28th August 2008, 07:05am - Views: 486

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RADIO GRABS: Aussie Breakthrough in Eye Surgery

Thursday, 28 August 2008: An Aussie-based surgeon has pioneered a world-first, cutting-edge

procedure which improves existing forms of laser eye surgery.

A recent clinical trial conducted by Melbourne Doctor, Noel Alpins, combined two forms of laser eye

procedure to deliver better vision for patients, especially in darker environments.

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Spokesperson: Eye Surgeon, Doctor Noel Alpins

#1 (15 Seconds): Says the discovery means more people will now be able to 'throw-away their glasses'

and see more clearly in low-light conditions...

#2 (13 Seconds): Says the groundbreaking discovery will mean better quality vision for patients of laser

eye surgery...

#3 (12 Seconds): Says the procedure opens the door for more people to receive laser eye surgery and

make everyday activities far easier...

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