Radio Grabs: Healthcare Rights Endorsed

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23rd July 2008, 02:46pm - Views: 986

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RADIO GRABS: Healthcare Rights Endorsed

23 July 2008: A new Charter has been endorsed by Australia's State and Federal Health Ministers to

protect the rights of hospital patients and consumers when receiving healthcare services.

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Spokesperson: Bill Beerworth, Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare

#1A (13 Seconds):

Says the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights spells-out basic entitlements

patients and consumers should receive when accessing healthcare services…

#2A (18 Seconds): Says the new Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights establishes, in plain language,

what patients can expect when receiving healthcare services…

#3 (22 Seconds): Says the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights will ensure patients and consumers

receive dignified, high-quality healthcare services…

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