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8th November 2010, 02:46pm - Views: 1209



Ruby Rose and Schick® reveal the secrets behind Australian women’s confidence 

Monday 8th November, 2010: It’s no surprise that women have their own ‘inspiring’ secrets to make them feel

better, and the latest research from Schick® Women’s shows that when it comes to quick tricks, there’s nothing

quite like a well manicured bikini line for that extra boost of confidence. 

Schick® Quattro for Women® Trimstyle™

in conjunction with Jigsaw Strategic Research, conducted a national

survey asking 1,200 women (aged 18 – 34) to reveal the secrets behind their confidence  - everything from what

impacts confidence, how Aussie women  view themselves, to the everyday tips and tricks women undertake for

that much needed lift. 

Schick® QFW® Trimstyle™ discovered that 82% of the women surveyed claim they have increased self esteem if

they maintain their nether region

showing that a little effort goes a long way! Nine out of 10 claim this is

because they feel much more ‘prepared’ and ‘feminine’ afterwards. In fact, maintaining the bikini area is seen as

being more important than having a manicure, pedicure or hair colour – even before a first date! 

The study also indicates that nearly all women surveyed (96%) feel their confidence is impacted by their feelings

about their bodies and that feeling satisfied with their body has a profound effect on confidence levels. 80% of 

women questioned also acknowledged that

‘being your own person’ is the biggest contributor to self



embracing ‘the skin you’re


isn’t easy

for women, as a whopping 98% admitted


pretending to be more confident than they really feel. Six in 10 viewing their friends more confident than


As someone who exemplifies her own style of confidence, Schick® QFW® Trimstyle™ can reveal Ruby Rose tops

the charts voted by Aussie women as the celebrity that best embodies confidence, beating Jessica Mauboy and

Dannii Minogue to the top spot. 

Ruby Rose says: 

“I would never have guessed that Australian women view me as being so confident as I have my insecurities like

everyone else. However, I do make sure that I embrace both my strengths and weaknesses to make sure I feel

safe and strong within my own skin. We all have responsibilities in life and I believe one of mine is to show

people how to be confident and that it’s ok to be different”.


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So, it seems accepting our flaws and a little pampering will help boost confidence levels. Ruby adds:

“Schick® QFW® Trimstyle™ research revealed that small things make a big difference. Like 82% of the women

surveyed, I agree that it feels good to give ourselves a little care and love like having a facial or a massage. In

fact I love how I feel when I go to the gym, shower, or do some ‘personal grooming’ and put on fresh clothes

especially BRAND NEW socks! I know -

it’s weird. I might be the only one who sees it, but I feel more put


Life Resolutions’ Director and Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti, agrees with the research results, adding: 

“Today, there are enormous societal and media pressures on women to be successful and confident in various

demands, including work, home, body, health and friendships. So it’s a little wonder that women often ‘pretend’

to be more confident than they really are. Confidence doesn’t have to mean perfection; instead it can begin with

effort and courage to try something new or stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s important to keep in mind that

actions can lead to feelings, so self confidence can actually be increased from setting aside time each day to do

something that is in line with our values and makes us feel good. This could be something as simple as a little

daily pampering, or a stroll in the park during our lunch break”.

To encourage women across Australia to celebrate their inner confidence, Schick® QFW®




a campaign, which sees five ordinary girls photographed in their lingerie in unexpected public

locations around Sydney by New York based Daniela Federici, one of the world’s top fashion photographers.

Schick®‘Celebrate your Inner Confidence’ for women’s Trimstyle™ is designed to inspire young women across

Australia to have the confidence to express themselves in different types of scenarios. Women can follow the

exciting journeys  and behind the scenes photos of each of the finalists - Jemma Hibbert, Anna Perejma, Kelly

Bowden, Tomoko Whyte and Kristy Rogers at


For interviews with Ruby Rose or Psychologist, Mary Magalotti or imagery (including Ruby Rose), please contact the Schick

Press Office.  Janine Smith, Maverick PR, (02) 9957 9577 / 0416 039 840 or 

Mel Grove, Maverick PR, (02) 9957 9565 / 0410 401 363 or 

Notes to editors:

State-based results are available upon request

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