Surgery A Popular Option For Australian Women

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3rd November 2010, 12:44pm - Views: 1084

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November 2010 

Surgery a popular option for Australian women

1 in every 2 ladies would consider plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures

compared to just 45% who have joined the ranks of Australian celebrities Rebecca

Gibney and Cate Blanchett who have opted for the ‘natural’ look, according to

Contours, women’s fitness franchise. 

The results from a recent body image survey commissioned by Contours, suggest

that weight is an overwhelming issue for women and looms large on a daily basis

with 70% of women surveyed admitting to being unhappy with their body shape and

thinking of their weight at least once a day. A further 25% of women said they think

about their body image several times a day.  

While most women are uncomfortable with their tummy and bum area, the stomach

is by far the most ‘hated’ part of their bodies. Even more surprisingly, only 10% of

women were comfortable with their breasts.  

“The pressure women are under to look thin is shocking and it’s frightening to learn

the extent they will go to achieve the ‘perfect body’ society has shaped,” says

Contours CEO Justin Wilshaw. “Thankfully, most women know that the combination

of exercise and eating well is the smartest way to stay in shape. Contours encourage

a holistic workout; it’s not all about losing weight, it’s about achieving health,

wellbeing and happiness and taking a little bit of everything in moderation,” he


When asked about their biggest health concern, most women feared heart disease.

This was followed by the common cold and influenza, osteoporosis and then cancer.

With over 60,000 Australian members from all walks of life, regional and urban,

Contours knows Australian women. Contours studios are smaller with a more

consultative approach and with fewer members to more mainstream gyms, Contours

get to really understand their members. The quick and convenient 29 minute work

out wins the hearts of these Australian women, with most admitting to only having

20 – 30 minutes to spend on themselves each day. 

Contours has built a credible reputation for innovation in the fitness industry and is

the only women’s express gym accredited by Fitness Australia.  In conjunction with

the franchises’ 5th birthday this November, Contours is offering even more local

women the opportunity to see first-hand the incredible results achieved by following

its unique 29-minute workout. When new members sign up with Contours in

November, they will receive the rest of the year, completely for free!  

* In August 2010, 850 adult women took part in the Contours Body Image

Survey and the results released in conjunction with the fitness chains’ 5th


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