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8th July 2009, 01:43pm - Views: 464

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009


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Radio interview from 13 July

Take steps for diabetes 

Newspoll data released Sunday 12 July will show that 60 per cent of Victorians did not

know and 78 per cent did not do the recommended amount of physical activity for good

health. (Australian Physical Activity Guidelines) 

Diabetes Australia – Vic CEO Professor Greg Johnson said “The health message is not

working. These guidelines have been promoted for years but the message is not getting


“We need to look at the problem differently. For most adults, most of their time at work and

at home is now sedentary. People can spend 12 hours per day or more just sitting. We

have to break up this sedentary behaviour,” Professor Johnson said. 

In Victoria there are 210,000 people registered with diabetes and 450 new cases

developing every week. Diabetes has serious complications of heart attack, stroke, kidney

damage, blindness and amputation. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by sustained

lifestyle change including weight reduction, healthy eating and physical activity. 

People available for radio interview from Monday 13 July:

??Adjunct Professor Greg Johnson Diabetes Australia acting CEO has a particular

interest in the management, awareness and prevention of diabetes and is a passionate

advocate for people with diabetes.

??Professor Neville Owen Professor of Health Behaviour at Queensland University and

Director of the Cancer Prevention Research Centre in the School of Population Health has

new research showing the dangers of sedentary lifestyles.

??Kerrie Beitzel turned her life around by incorporating walking

into her fitness routine. She often walks with a friend for motivation. She is reducing her risk

of developing type 2 diabetes.

??John Makaronis walks regularly to manage his diabetes

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