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19th October 2010, 11:30am - Views: 1022

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Media Release

18 October 2010  DRAFT


Walk-to-School Day is on again throughout Victoria and schools around the state are

supporting the initiative by encouraging students to walk to and from school this Wednesday

20 October.

With support from VicHealth, thousands of students will walk to raise awareness of the

physical, environmental and social benefits of walking to school.

“Walking is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain good health and prevent diseases

like type 2 diabetes – and it makes you feel terrific” says Greg Johnson, CEO of Diabetes

Australia – Vic. “Every bit of walking and incidental activity is good for kids. Walking and

catching the bus rather than being driven to school, playing games at lunchtime and walking

the dog are all ways to keep healthy and active.”

Last year more than 70,000 kids participated in Walk-to-School day, which is around 60 per

cent of Victorian primary school children.

CEO of VicHealth, Todd Harper, said: “Walk-to-School Day isn’t just about one day, or even

one month – it’s about schools and communities working together to set children up with

healthy habits that will endure through their teenage and adult years. 

“Ninety per cent of city kids and 65 per cent of country kids live within three kilometres of

school, yet only one in three children regularly walk or cycle to school.  Given physical

inactivity is a huge risk factor for obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life, now is the time to

ask ourselves whether it’s really necessary to take the car every day.” 

In Victoria there are 235,000 people registered with diabetes and 450 new cases developing

every week. Diabetes has serious complications of heart attack, stroke, kidney damage,

blindness and amputation. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by sustained lifestyle change

including weight reduction, healthy eating and physical activity.

This year, Kinect Australia is promoting Walktober Walk-to-School Day through all Victorian

schools. All participants will receive certificates and be in the draw to win major prizes,

including sports equipment vouchers and Tabloid Sports Carnivals for their school.

For media and photo opportunity: Jane Gardner, VicHealth 03 9667 1319/ 0435 761 732 

Diabetes Australia – Vic Lyn Curtis 9667 1714 / 0411 019 924 

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