Local Business Trainer Happy To Be Paid In Baked Beans For A Good Cause

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21st October 2009, 04:43pm - Views: 881

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Wednesday 21st October 2009

Local business trainer happy to be paid in

baked beans for a good cause

Logan businesses’ “Food for Thought” project takes off by the truckload. Business trainer

aims to fill a truck full of food for those doing it tough – by asking his clients to pay him in

food! Photocall - Fri 23 October 2pm - Ellaways Music, corner Compton/Ewing

Roads, Underwood.

Local business/leadership trainer, James McNamara, had an idea. What if he could hold a

charity gig that would not only help those people doing it tough, but would also give strong

support to Logan businesses? He knew his singing skills were unlikely to pull in a charity

crowd, but he did know how to help local businesses prosper. Instead of charging money

for his business advice, he would ask the businesses to pay in food.

So, on Friday 20 November James McNamara will address 200 local business people at

the “Food for Thought”’ leadership seminar at Ellaways Music auditorium in Logan, and

ask every participant to donate food and goods, including Christmas gifts,  which will be

distributed to those who need it most in Logan City over the Christmas period.  He has

been strongly supported by the Logan Chamber of Commerce and a range of business


“Charity fundraisers in the entertainment industry happen all the time. It’s time the

business community got together and did the same – to help the least fortunate in our

community,” Mr McNamara said.

This event has put James McNamara’s skills to a public test: could he ‘sell’ the concept to

the Logan business community? The proof is in the pudding – or at least in the Food truck

with sponsors including: Westpac, Richies IGA, Inside Special, the Coffee Club, Impact

Factory, Eightball Media, Print Alliance, Bennett Carroll Solicitors, NewsBusiness PR,

Ellaways Music and the Logan Chamber of Commerce... even the local Army Reserve

Regiment has agreed to pass the hat around and buy as much food as they can for the


Other musicians are offering their services, so James McNamara promises not to sing, so

as not to scare the business community away – unless of course the price is right –

perhaps another truck load of food?




Media Enquiries

interview James McNamara contact David Bateson 0402 332287 / 07 3395 8775.

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