PCYC livALIVE Wins Belmont Youth Services Tender

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22nd June 2012, 04:28pm - Views: 2736

Police & Community Youth Centre's (PCYC) livALIVE division has won the tender to provide youth services in the City of Belmont for 12 months, beginning 1 April.

PCYC livALIVE has been delivering youth services for The City on a short-term contract since late 2011, which includes managing the Youth and Family Services Drop-in Centre, as well as outreach programs for city residents.

The Youth and Family Services Drop-in Centre is going from strength to strength, with participant numbers increasing five fold since PCYC gained management of the centre in October 2011. Case work referrals of at-risk youth from the Department for Child Protection have also increase three fold in this time.

PCYC livALIVE is also currently in negotiations with several local Belmont schools to establish school-based drop-in centres and youth spaces, to help improve the reach of services throughout the city.

Another new initiative bought to Belmont by livALIVE has been the formation of a youth committee. Nine local young people have joined forces to form The Belmont livALIVE Youth Committee, with the purpose of identifying activities that will be attractive to their friends, and then helping to plan, promote and deliver these activities.

The young people range in age from 10-17 and meet monthly (and more often in the lead up to special events) at the Belmont Youth & Family Services Centre.

Due to the new initiatives being delivered and the outstanding results achieved the City Councillors voted by majority to award the tender to PCYC livALIVE at the recent Council Meeting on 27 March.

So it will be business as usual at the Youth Drop-in Centre, with the upcoming livALIVE Easter School Holiday Program having plenty of activities on offer to engage a wide variety of young people. Some activities include; drama workshops, a music program, talent show, dance for fitness and an Easter Egg hunt!

Anyone wishing to get involved in PCYC livALIVE activities or the youth Committee in Belmont can call 9477 7133 or email [email protected]

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