Survey Findings Reveal Career Preferences & Expectations Of Singapore's Workforce Of Tomorrow: 'what

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5th January 2009, 12:12pm - Views: 910

Survey Findings Reveal Career Preferences & Expectations of Singapore's

Workforce of Tomorrow: 'What Our Children Think!'

SINGAPORE, /PRNewswire-Asia/ --

    The results of a survey of 60 children conducted by Adecco Singapore, the

Singapore subsidiary of the world's leading human resource and staffing services

company, reveals that 88% of Singapore's workforce of tomorrow believe that it is more

important to spend time with family than to make a large salary and lots of money, thus

making family a priority over salary when considering work/life balance. An interesting

finding when more children are seeing their parents working longer hours than they may

have done in previous years.

    The survey asked 60 children in Singapore, aged from 7 to 14, about their career and

salary expectations. The most popular career choices are for becoming a Doctor,

Lawyer, Teacher or joining the Singapore Police Force. One child that wants to become

a Doctor, so that he can 'help treat people', expects to receive a monthly salary of

S$200. However, these worthy career choices compete with a wide array of other

interesting possibilities, such as Violin Teacher, Forensic Scientist, Game Designer or a

'person that grooms pets'.

    One child surveyed is hoping to earn S$24,000,000 per annum as a Rugby Player,

whilst another wants to become a 'Food Taster' as they 'love to eat' and hope to get

paid $2000 a month for doing so. Another hopes to develop a career as a Pathologist

as they have always 'been interested in dinosaurs' and plans to earn enough to 'buy

computer games'.

    Many children intend to go after the coolest job they can imagine, whilst others think

the coolest jobs in the world, although not right for them, include being a Road

Sweeper, Subway Sandwich Artist, Commando, Magician or a 'job that you don't need

to train at and can just be yourself'. One young child thinks that being the 'Boss Of

Computers Like Bill Gates' is the best job going.

    Since being prime minister of Singapore is such an important job, the children were

asked about the first 'three things they would do' if they became prime minister.

Recurring themes included continual improvement of the environment and helping

those most in need. Many children gave serious thought as to what they would do if

they became prime minister:

    -- Ban 'holiday homework' on 'holidays'

    -- Ensure that everyone has food

    -- Cut everyone's salary and give it to me

    -- Ensure severe punishments for animal abusers

    -- Build more shopping centres

    -- Put an end to the financial crisis

    -- Buy lots of Pokemons

    -- Implement an island wide smoking ban

    -- Donate money to charity

    -- Give toys and money to my friends

    -- Save our natural habitats

    -- Give S$180 to teenagers every month to go shopping with

Community Community Adecco Personnel Pte Ltd 2 image

    Many children were knowledgeable beyond their years about how as Singapore's

Prime Minister they would influence taxes, education, government and society in

general. The country would be in good hands! 

    The most poignant parts of the survey were the 'Family' answers to the question

"What is more important -- to make lots of money or to spend time with your family?"

The children surveyed clearly understand family values and the importance of the family

unit -- possibly influenced by conversations around the dining room table about the

global economy and what lies ahead. Some of the more thought provoking responses

to this question included:

    -- Money can't buy time with my family

    -- I love my family more than money

    -- Because they are my family

    -- Family can last you a lifetime

    While this may not be the most scientific survey of the year, it comes at a time when

the topics of jobs and careers are very much on the mind of Singaporeans. The survey

shows that thoughts about work, responsibilities and quality of life, begin early on in


    Lynne Ng, Regional Director for Adecco South East Asia, commented, "In as much

as there is always humour in a survey like this, we are amazed at just how responsibly

minded the surveyed children are. I was touched to see so many of the children

choosing family over money and deeply appreciating the family that surround them.

This to me was a reminder of the increasing need for work/life balance.

    Based on the survey results, Adecco forecasts that our future workforce, with their

foresight and creativity, will contribute significantly to the Singapore of tomorrow".

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