Kids' Easter Prayers Reveal Haunting Trends

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9th April 2009, 12:43am - Views: 1179

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The Easter Marches are a project of the Aussie Awakening movement, Schools in Harmony including the churches of Australia, with the support of

Fusion Australia 



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Kids’ Easter prayers reveal haunting trends

This year the financial gloom, bullying in schools, personal sadness, the Victorian fires,

floods, and the earth quake in Italy are the dominant themes in this year’s kids prayers.

This is the twentieth year, the hundreds of children’s prayers have been gathered from all over the country.  It provides us

with one of the most sensitive annual polls taken in the nation. 

These prayers will be prayed in dusk to dawn prayer vigils throughout Australia on Good Friday night.

The Victorian fires might be off the front page of the news papers and the television news but it is not off the heart of kids

around Australia. 

They have not forgotten the folk who saw their home burn.  A remarkable bunch of prayers have come in from what is

probably the most sensitive of all the polls taken. 

“That the Victorians start to rebuild there homes and start living there lives again.” Zoe 10

“Help the Victorians in the bushfires” Jacinta 7

“I pray that the fires in Victoria will stop. Thank you that we can live in a free country.” Sarah, age 9, TAS

“My prayer for Australia … all the flood and bushfire victims are able to rebuild their homes.” Rachel, TAS 

Along with the impact of the fires comes the financial crisis

“My prayer for Australia … please help Australia get through the financial crisis, the drought and help families recover

soon from the fires and floods” Leah, aged 12, TAS

This prayer brings the financial crisis close to home

“My prayer for my family … please pray fore my family because if my dad dose not get enough money, we will have to

leave our house.” Melody, age 10, TAS

“My prayer for my family … to get more money to buy food” Sassie   7yo  Prayed

Family difficulties and conflicts showed what the kids often suffer

“Dear God can you please help our family get along “ Kristy (9)

“My prayer for my family … that all the issues will be sorted out and we (mum, emma & i) won’t stress 2 much.” Lucy, age

12, TAS

“my family will keep watching me play tennis 4 eva. My mum stays sober … and that I don’t go to foster care” Jesse from

the  Gold coast

“Make my mum and dad get back together” Holly 8 Tas

“My prayer for my family … for my dad as he teaches mummy to drive.” Faith, age 6, TAS

Some had quite fascinating prayers

Patrick age 8  was concerned for the welfare of the bees. “Dear God I know the bees are not doing well in Australia. 

Please help them not die.”

Jet from Bendigo age 4 “dear God please help me be good for Mum and Dad and love my rabbits, and let my Dad stay

home from work more so he can play with us”

The Families health weighed heavily on some,

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The Easter Marches are a project of the Aussie Awakening movement, Schools in Harmony including the churches of Australia, with the support of

Fusion Australia 

“For my mum who has emphysema and is a smoker please pray she’d want to quit smoking and go to health resort to

help quit that I pray for her. Thankyou”  Jim from NSW

Dear Lord, I pray that I will stop being gluten intolerant and that  I won’t get hurt. I pray I will stay a Christian all my life.”

Jessica, age 9, TAS

“Dear Lord, I pray that my dad doesn’t have skin cancer and thank you that my family is still alive. Arman” Samantha, age

9, TAS

Samantha also had an unpleasant experience with an ant

“Dear Lord, I pray that my knee would get beta and thank you for letting me now that I’m alergick to some thing and that

I’m still alive  from the ant bite.”

“My prayer for myself … my side where I fell off the monkey bars.” Sam, age 5, TAS

“Dear God pleas hel p my mum and to get her threw her lekemier

Dear God help me better at scoolering” Michael 12 QLD

“Dear Lord, please help that none of my family gets gastro. Armen” David, age 7, TAS

Some were having a crisis of confidence in their faith..

One young man prayed “I’d like to trust you but I have a bully named Dillon and I was hopeing you could make him a little

kinder please”

“Dear God, could you please help me to believe in you because sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I fell suspicious.”

Paris (9) NSW

“I pray to good to tell me why my Nanny is dead.” Courtney (11) NSW

Many of the prayers will bring a tear to the eye

For the first time some older people who were supervising, got drawn in by the children’s faith to the process

and added some prayers of their own .

A 40 yo called Anne-marie prayed  “Dear god please help me get through my issues and become that kind of friendly

happy person I used to be again.”

“I need a prayer for my health two of my kidneys are failing I need healing from God to restore a new kidney.” Linda (38)

“To always get along and live a long time and one day meet my dad.”

“To stop hurting myself! Solitude “Nick (34)

So it seems the children’s honesty is leading others back to faith and prayer

The Aussie Awakening Easter programs will climax on Easter Sunday with marches in every capital city celebrating the

new life that the message of the resurrection promises. Hundreds of young people will be commissioned from the capital

city marches to be ambassadors for reconciliation on an annual pilgrimage to Uluru. 


Mal Garvin, National Coordinator of the Awakening movement is available for interviews all

Good Friday night on (0412) 904-589.  

Media Liaison - Steve Hamilton (0438) 032-002 or contact your state or territory


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Qld - Wells O’Neil

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SA - Dean Polkinghorne

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