Walk A Mile In Our Shoes: Rally And Pilgrims' Forum For Melbourne Clergy Abuse Victims 1

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18th July 2008, 09:02am - Views: 1233

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Friday 18 July 2008

Walk a Mile in Our Shoes:

Pilgrims’ Forum for Melbourne Clergy Abuse Victims

As World Youth Day pilgrims celebrate in Sydney, other pilgrims – victims of clergy

sexual abuse, their family, friends and advocates – will tell the Church and

community this Sunday to ‘walk a mile in our shoes’!

Four victims’ groups will unite to hold a Melbourne pilgrims’ forum at the same time

as the Pope’s Final Mass.

Musicians, poets, actors, artists, counsellors and other public speakers will pay

tribute to the resilience of millions of victims worldwide.

Contributors will include musicians Monique Lisbon, Vincent O’Connor, Catherine

Arthur and Kerrie Dawson, artist Arrigo Dorissa, actor Annie Last and the poetry of

Carmel Rafferty. Speakers will include John Steward (peace consultant), Pam Krstic

(convenor of HEAR, Healesville Education and Awareness Raising) and Dr Joseph


This forum will take place from 12.30 to 3 pm at St Peter’s Eastern Hill, 15 Gisborne

Street, East Melbourne.

A rally will also be held outside St Patrick’s Cathedral at 10.30 am for an 11 am start.

This is the sixth rally calling for the Melbourne Catholic Archbishop to meet with

clergy abuse victims for a restorative justice consultation. All are welcome to support

the rally.


Helen Last, In Good Faith and Associates


(03) 9326 5991 (Mon-Fri); 

0417 011 680 (Sat-Sun only)




Pam Krstic, HEAR (Healesville Education and Awareness Raising

re Clergy Professional Misconduct and Sexual Abuse)


0410 859 059;   



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