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Weed Management A $1.5 Billion Problem For Australian Farmers: Abs starstarstarstarstar   25th June 2008 - Views: 1155 Weed Management A $1.5 Billion Problem For Australian Farmers: Abs The total cost of managing these problems was $2,991 million, or an average of $21,094 per business.

Rabobank Presence Extends To Hobart starstarstarstarstar   5th June 2008 - Views: 1247 Rabobank Presence Extends To Hobart “Rabobank’s commitment to farmers in Tasmania has seen the bank steadily grow its customer numbers, especially in the last four years. Our investment in Hobart will better allow us to service client needs and is a statement of confidence in the long term future of farming across a number of key industries," Mr Bennett said.

Limited Autumn Rain And High Input Costs See Drop In Farmer Confidence starstarstarstarstar   2nd June 2008 - Views: 944 Limited autumn rainfall and high input prices have seen Australian rural confidence subside from previous highs earlier in the year, although farmer confidence remains at a positive level, according to the latest quarterly Rabobank Rural Confidence Survey.

Rabo Financial Advisors Strengthens Its Insurance Offering To The Rural Sector starstarstarstarstar   5th May 2008 - Views: 979 Rabo Financial Advisors Strengthens Its Insurance Offering To The Rural Sector RFA commissioned leading research group DEXX&R to conduct a full review of insurance offerings for the rural and regional sector, with the aim to find providers who could service the unique needs of farmers and regional businesses and who recognised the difficulties often faced in meeting underwriting requirements.

Access To Infrastructure And Information Key To Wheat Legislation: Emerald starstarstarstarstar   21st April 2008 - Views: 1102 Canberra April 22, 2008: Access to port and upcountry infrastructure, timely declarations of stock information and transparent shipping processes are amongst the critical issues to address in changes to wheat marketing, according to independent commodity manager, Emerald. Mike Chaseling, Deputy Chairman of Emerald, told the Senate Inquiry into the new wheat marketing legislation that open access to both port and country storage & handling infrastructure was a crucial factor for an efficient Australian grain industry. "We have the opportunity to set a framework for the wheat industry that provides fair opportunity for all players, and it should not be overlooked. "Farm gate competition is the number one priority for farmers in a deregulated environment, which makes open access to major storage infrastructure including country silos - not just port infrastructure - essential. "Appropriate guarantees must be incorporated in the new wheat marketing environment to ensure competition is not l

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